We are chosen by potential, but ultimately refined to fulfill our destiny

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So just to shed some light as to who I am…what I do…

I was born into a Christian home, my old man was a preacher, his name was Wiseman…. the irony I know… the wise preacher.
My “oledi” (old lady meaning my mother) is a teacher and I have a massive family of brothers and sisters from both sides of the family –

Now we all know how complicated black families can be, so anyway, from the moment I attended my first Sunday school class my dad the preacher man had it in his mind that I would follow in his footsteps – countless times being asked to stand up and teach the rest of the gang how to say the lord’s prayer, or to teach memory verses.. all at an age far less than 10years old. This made me awfully uncomfortable at church sometimes, as I never quite felt like I fit in… yeah – I WAS different, and different wasn’t what this church was looking for.

I GOT A TASTE OF MY DAD’S LIFE WHEN I WAS 11, this man had it in his mind that I, an 11 year old boy should lead s kind day school!!!! WOW, you can imagine the shock and horror in my face, me…11… to lead a group of kids far old than me in Sunday school? Let me enlighten you as to why I was so not up for it –

1. I grew up in natal, and now we are in vanderbijlpark, in the deep south of Johannesburg where the only language they would prefer to speak was sesotho!
2. I was 11 for heaven’s sake! There were kids way older than me who could’ve taken the mantle
3. I have to say this… when you attend church every single Sunday, every single conference, revival, prayer meetings, WMS, retreats, camps, self-denial outreaches, as a kid of 4 years till 11years old. I REALLY FELT LIKE THIS WAS RELIGION OVERKILL!

SO I had my reasons why I REALLY didn’t want to take on this role, but I did.. I wasn’t going to dishonor my dad, and besides, the calling of God was on my life… wasn’t it? I could’nt understand why my dad insisted I lead this group of passionate playground troublemakers when I myself was the most unfitting person he could’ve chosen… MY TENURE DID NOT LAST LONG, I ensured I got out of it. But not before learning some lessons I appreciate today.

‘The life of David’
See David was no more than a young boy when God called him….
He had potential, lots of it. But potential alone wasn’t enough. He had to be tested before he would face Goliath one day!

●  He was Raw
When God chose David to be the king of Israel, he dis so when he (david) was still a boy, he hadn’t won any battles, he had no army, he was not famous. But he was chosen – ” one of Jesse’s sons, from bethlehem, talented harp playef, he is a brave warrior, a man of war, has good judgement a d the lord is with him ” – 1Sam16:18
He was picked on potential, but inevitably trained to rule. SEE IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR TALENT, GOD CHOOSES RAW PEOPLE AND REFINES THEM

● The testing
He (David) was out in the field watching over sheep and goats, he killed a lion that was to devour one of his father’s livestock… this was the first test, God wanted to see if he can defend a nation against Goliath.. He passed, handsomely.

● He was given time
See raw potential needs time to mature, for growth, if we look at all the great leaders in the bible, all of them were processed, challenged, tested…REFINED TILL THEY WERE READY

DAVID’ time to rule only came a while after he had defeated Goliath, when he was in the wilderness running for his life as Saul wanted to kill him (the same king he had served to defeat the philistine). Moral of the story – God promotes…not man! At the time of his choosing.

-Take home message –

Now I likened my “raw talent” to that of David, why did I do that?
Well, it’s to show you that despite the fact that I can’t play a harp, I had my own talent, I had things I was good at. Ultimately  those weren’t the criteria that was chosen when I was made Sunday school superintendent at 11 year’s of age. It was God calling me, letting me know that he had greater things destined for my life, all I had to do was to stay planted, sink my feet in deep. And headstrong.

The challenges come, the tests are inevitable, but if we seek God in all we do – He will make a way for us..

We are chosen based on our potential, doesn’t mean you currently are,  but like silver has to be refined, so you too shall be refined to make a difference in this world lead! GOD WANTS TO USE YOU


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  1. bacelaNoley says:

    Dude and you are one heck of a warrior hey, I was scared of you for a good year until Nombuso came along! Don’t judge me. I’m being honest

  2. Carmen Kim Nell says:

    Hey L
    Totally loving it so far!!!! Would love to have you share “your story” at one of S.I.A’s coffee mornings..I think ima have to change it too “Real people real lives” soon hehehe. Good job x

  3. Gerald says:

    This is great stuff man. Keep bloggin’.

  4. Joel Samuel Kapepula says:

    Well done mate. after reading your story,i look at your life now,surely God had a big pan for you which you did not know at the time. So great to do life with you man. There is greater things for you! Much Love

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