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So this morning –

Again, after having the same old difficulty of waking up, I pondered on the events of the day past. My thoughts took me to a place achievement, as if I had actually achieved something worthwhile with my day. And yes, indeed I had.

This all culminated from a simple thought, I had to be better today than I was yesterday. This had put me in a space that allowed me to be spontaneous, more care-free but more importantly, a space that forced me to think differently (Now hear me, I am not saying I’ve found the secret to life).

Romans 12 :2 – speaks of renewing your mind, and transforming the way you think. What it means is do not copy the behaviours and customs of this world, this is only possible when the holy spirit re-educates and redirects our thinking. (derived from the NLT study bible – scripture commentary)

Wow – this is great news; however, even for the mature Christian who has seen God move in their lives for years and years, we do sometimes feel a sense of abandonment. Like, every day is a struggle. His voice is nowhere to be heard.

I can encourage you by saying this; in order for real growth to happen in your life, to achieve all you want to with your life, we need to dig deeper. The deeper the root of a tree goes, the bigger it becomes, and the stronger it gets! Let’s get out of this maze we’re stuck in by breaking the mould of our thought.

DO things differently – take a different route to work, wake up 30 minutes earlier, and take a jog in the middle of the night? See what changes you experience in your life by changing the way you do life!

  • Take a read – Romans 12:2 even if you aren’t religious, take a read, digest it. See what happens in your head when you do. God may just be trying to change your thought and get you out of this maze!